Best Personal Grooming Tools For Body Hair

Shopping for male body groomer gear? Whether its facial hair, body or back hair - there's a great range of mens shaving, trimming and bodygrooming tools for manscaping a guy's furry, hairy parts from head toe.

Body Groomers Clippers and Trimmers

Designed exclusively for a man's body hair removal and management - A body groomer generally combines both a dedicated hair trimmer for shortening hair - as well as a razor for soft, down to the skin shaving. Both Norelco and ManGroomer offer replacement foil shaving heads for a long usable life. Braun's Body Cruzr uses widely-available replaceable multi-blade Gilette FUSION blade cartridges for complete manscaping.
Best Selling GroomerSwitch-Hitter Mens TrimmerManscaping Razor
Norelco Bodygroom Pro

Dual Cutting Ends
One-Pass Braun BodyCruzr

Power Trimmer +
Gilette Fusion Blades
Male Body Groomer

ManGroomer Pro Trimmer + Shaving Heads

Mens Wet-Dry Body Grooming Gear

A new generation of men's manscaping and grooming gear is now designed for dry and wet water-proof use in the shower or tub. Unlike many traditional hair clippers and conventional electric razors only appropriate for dry shaving and trimming these are usable anywhere. Most body-groomers are low-voltage, cordless and rechargeable Lithium-Ion trimmers for safe use for body grooming and manscaping in the tub, shower, and wet areas.

While some of the cheaper personal trimmers use rather unimpressive stamped-metal blades, on the higher end you'll find precision ground and honed stainless steel and titanium coated or alloy blades that resist rust and corrosion -- and stay accurate and sharp for years, even in damp use situations.

With each generation of men's hair grooming tools, refined innovations and improvements make these facial hair and male body groomers far more effective and efficient. Of note with cordless, battery operated trimmers and clippers is vastly improved Lithium Ion battery technology. That means more cutting power for tough beards and bristly hair - and QUICK charging that gets your Manscaping and grooming project back to recharged speed in minutes and not hours.

Manscaping Tools For Men

Major manufacturers of traditional men's razors have leaped on the male Manscaping tools bandwagon - and revised thier product lines with men's body shaving, facial hair, and beard styling needs in mind. Norelco, Schick, Remington, Conair and others have adapted, innovated and redesigned their facial razor lines for mens body shaving and grooming needs.

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