Best Goatee Facial Hair Styling Tools

Mustache and Goatee Groomers, Clippers, and Trimmers

Designed exclusively for a man's goatee styling shaping and mustache management - A Goatee trimmer generally combines both a whisker trimmer and precise edger functions into one. FIrst, a full-width trimmer to cut the overall goatee to length, with a separate fine-tooth edger blade to shape and style the Goatee's edge and contours. Removable or adjustable depth guide combs can be set for a short stubble or a fuller bristle, usually to about 1/2" max.

Cordless Goatee TrimmerNeat N Tidy Goatee GroomingColor Away A Goatee's Grey
Remington Facial Hair Set

3 Snap-On Detail Blades
Wahl Goatee Trimming Set

Narrow Goatee Edger Blade
Gray Patches In Your Goatee?

Whisker Touch-Up Kits
For Consistent Color

Styling a Full Goatee

For a man who likes to keep a FULL or LONG Goatee - you may find many of the available Goatee trimmer kits just arent the right tool for the job. Even the best Goatee trimmer sets are designed for relatively short and even goatee lengths: Whether they're adjustable-length, or come with a few clipper guide combs, these all tend to be rather short. Fine if you're out to maintain an overall bristly muzzle. But as with full beard styling, conventional hair clipper sets with long snap-on guides will allow a fuller goatee with hair length up to an inch or more.

You'll still want a multi-piece personal grooming set - the finer toothed and more compact blade heads can really help with goatee edging, shaping and styling that a regular hair-clipper just can't provide. Sometimes you need both.