Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmers For Men

These grooming tools for a guy's eyebrows, ear and nasal hairs get the job done for detailed grooming finesse with dignity and style. They also make great grooming gifts for the furry men in our lives. Particularly as a man ages, those pesky ear and nose hairs seem to grow rampant and with alarming speed as one get's older. So having the best ear and nostril hair trimmers and grooming accessories can help us age more gracefully and with neatness and style.

Top-Selling Personal Trimmers

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Beard Edger Ear-Nose Eyebrow

The Panasonic Pro personal groomer has a few fetures of note: It's a vacuum groomer to slurp up those stray hairs the instant they're cut. Using a single AA battery (not included), it has a long runtime, precision alloy nasal and ear hair cutting blades and is tolerant of wet / dry use.

Whal's Dexlue Personal Trimmer is a Top-Seller at Amazon: It's one of the lowest-cost but proves some extras: A built-in LED light can help you spot hairs you might otherwise miss. It has interchangeable heads for both a rotary and detail trimming blade. The latter also has a clip-on brow trimming guide to safely shorten your eyebrows while minimizing the risk of doing something stupid and over-trimming them.

The ManGroomer Detail Trimmer is an all-in-one combo trimmer with cutting heads for nose and ears, a specialized eyebrow trimmer with safety guide to keep you from balding your brows unecessarily - and particularly useful, a DETAIL EDGER blade that can really help guys with goatees, sideburns, mustaches or beards to help you really fine tune a precision, neat edge on your preferred facial hair style.

Mechanical Ear Nose and Brow Hair Trimmers

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Groom-Mate Mechanical Trimmer

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Round-Tip Safety Scissor

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Stainless Steel Trimmer

GroomMate makes two types of mechanical nose and ear hair clippers made of 100% stainless steel and both carry a LIFETIME warranty. One is a rotary twist-type nipper, the other uses a scissor-like squeeze motion. For old school types who don't want to futz with replacing the battery of most powered men's grooming tools, this is the butch way to do it - with a few quick squeezes or twists nose hairs and ear fur are gone!

Round-Tip safety scissors are an important grooming tool for men regardless of where you need to use it - without the injury risk of sharp, pointed tips. Highly recommended for not just nasal and ear hairs, but also handy for precision grooming of a guy's mustache, beard and sideburns.