Nail Grooming Products For Men

Best Male Toe and Fingernail Grooming Accessories

These all-in-one male grooming sets for a guy's toe and finger nails are a great starting point in your male grooming arsenal. These manicure / pedicure kits come with a basic assortment of essential tools sich as finger and toenail clippers, nail files and buffers, pointed or round-tipped safety scissors, cuticle pushers, nippers and trimmers. They may also include skin care tools like a pore cleaner for blackhead removal.
Complete Mens Nail SetManicure-Pedi ToolboxFull Mens Nail Grooming
12pc Nail Groomer Set

In Travel Carry Case
11pc Grooming Tools

Aluminum Storage Case
16pc Mani-Pedi Kit

Nickle Plated Steel

Finding the 'perfect' combination of grooming tools is often tough, there may be pieces you want to replace ond upgrade, other pieces that you might not need and wish to swap out to create your own combo of essentials to keep and travel with in it's compact case.

Many will find a curved toenail clipper is just too small for properly clipping and shaping your large toenails in particular: We recommend substituting a STRAIGHT EDGE Toenail Clipper from Trim or Tweezerman for much better toenail cutting results.

Like a guy's toolbox, it's nice to have a case designed for a man's personal care products to consolidate and store all your male grooming gear in one place.

Best Men's Foot Care Products

Guys unfortunately have a tendency to ingore and neglect proper care of their feet. I'm guilty of that too. Particularly when it comes to build-up of calluses from working on your feet or going barefoot alot, callus removal can become a big job that needs serious sanding, grinding and planing tools to eradicate dead skin. You can maintain soft soles with proper, routine foot care and the right male pedicure kit.
All-In-1 Callus SetElectric Callus RemoverComplete Callus Removal
De-Callus All-In-One

Pumice, Rasps, Shaver
Best Callus Remover

Replacement Sanding Heads
Foot File, Rasp, Shaver

Interchangeable Heads

DIY Pedicure Sets For Men

Far too many guy's think they're too gaddamn BUTCH to go to a nail salon and enjoy a spa chair pedicure and massage. That's really unfortunate because a routine spa pedicure can transform unhealthy feet and toenails after a couple of visits. Beyond just toenail and cuticle trimming, dead skin and callus removal is an important part of a complete pedicure too. Removal of calluses can be done in the privacy of your own home if you're squeamish about being seen at a nail salon or having your feet touched and scrubbed. Both wet and dry methods can be employed, and often it takes several sessions of progressive work with some of the above callus eradicating products to progressively remove dead, dry and cracked skin safely in stages.

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