Best Beard And Facial Hair Styling Tools

Designed exclusively for a man's facial hair styling, removal and management - A beard trimmer generally combines both a Bear hairy mann's whisker trimming and edging functions into one. First, a trimmer to cut the overall beard to length. And usually a fine-tooth edger blade to shape and style the beard's edge and contours. Removable or adjustable depth guide combs can be set for a short stubble or a fuller bristle, usually to about 1/2". These are fine for furry-faced men who prefer a rather short, bristly beard style.

Best-Selling Beard Trrimmers

Rechargeable ClippersComplete Men's GroomingBeard Stubble Trimmer
Remington Multi Trimmer

Shaver, Nose & Ear, Edger
Norelco Grooming Set

4 Precision Trim Heads
Stubble - Shadow Beard

1mm-10mm Settings

Styling a Full Beard

For a man who likes to keep a very FULL or LONG beard - you may find many of the available beard trimmer kits just aren't the right tool for the job. Even the best beard trimmer sets are designed for relatively neat, short beard lengths. Whether they're adjustable-length, or come with a few clipper guide combs, these tend to max out under 3/4". Instead - Look to conventional hair-clipper sets that come with a large range of snap-on guides for maximum length options. Hair-clipper guides are often numbered in 1/8" increments - so a #3 is 3/8, a #8 is a full 1". The more pieces in a set (i.e. a 21 piece home hair clipper set) the more likely it'll include a good range of guides all the way up to #8.

Neat-N-Tidy Hair HackingComplete Beard Set With Guides + FinisherBoss Your Beard With This!
Remington Vac Clipper

*Built-In Vacuum*
With 6 Guide Combs
Wahl 27 Piece Set

Best Selling Kit!
Chrome Wahl Haircutter
23 Piece Hair Cutting Set

AC Clipper + Battery Trimmer

Male Body Hair Grooming Tools

An growing range of highly specialized male beard trimming kits are on the market for precise facial hair management. The bygone era of clean cut, completely shaven days of a bygone era. Men are now free, both casually and professionally to wear a varying degree of acceptable mens facial hair and beard styles.

In particular, long or full goatees and sideburns are currently trendy, and precision mustache and goatee styles are now possible with completely redesigned cordless beard grooming sets which are bundled with a wide selection of hair trimming attachments. Most of these include very specialized attachment heads for nose and ear trimming as well. Review these items featured at this web page for recommended products for a mans body and beard grooming needs.

Even the category of hairy men's grooming accessories has expanded as new manscaping and male body grooming tools are now available to trim back and body hair below the neckline for a neat appearance from head to toe. Often pairing both a razor and trimmer, the best male body groomer products will trim your hairs to a short stubble first, and then allow the foil razor head of the body grooming tool to shave to the skin. Men now have all the grooming tools necessary for complete body grooming and facial hair styling.

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